Alpha Bio Ltd.

was founded in 1988 in order to produce and commercialize dental implant systems, including dentist training and patient briefing.

During the years, the company invested efforts in research and development in cooperation with both famous Universities and the well-known Israeli Technion in Haifa. The goal was preparation of excellent implant designs and metallurgic inert surface.
Current Active Projects:

- Rising of a new plant to duplicate production line including: Surgical Rooms, Education Center, Multimedia center (on-line education center, video-conferences…

- Pursuing research with new patentable surface that will combine passive and active surface together.

- Joint Venture with an Israeli Institution to develop a new approach of tissue expansion and bone augmentation (RegeneEx).
DentalMaster Software:

Participation in a Software Company Dental Master
for Developing Dental Simulation Software (an easy and graphic way to make yourself understood by your patients) as Aesthetic for imaging process, Expert, Academy and Animations.

See the new revolutionary program Expert XP which combines treatment planning and animations to achieve optimal patient education.

After 16 years, Alpha Bio is the largest and most experienced company in Israel in manufacturing and research .That is the reason today we have the knowledge and the skills in manufacturing all types of implants, abutments and all kind of surface preparations or coatings.

During this period, physicians successfully treated thousands of patients with Alpha-Bio implants and abutments. Alpha Bio is a privately owned company and it exports to more than 18 countries world wide.

Product Design
– our research and development department combines between experienced doctors in the field of implantology and engineers with a variety of expertise (mechanic, metal strength and biological competence).

Implant Surface – after 5 years of experiments the company succeeded in developing the most advanced surface in the world today – Apically S.L.A (MACRO) 20-40+(MICRO)2U, the Top ACID ETCHED ( 5-10u).

Manufacturing & Packaging - Alpha Bio products and packaging meet the international standards. Alpha-Bio products meet the ISO 9001: 2000, and the EN 46001 and CE standards.

We have more than 16 years of experience in lecturing about dental implants for beginners, advanced, immediate loading and any other implant subject. We lecture and give seminars, including hands-on experience, all around the world in universities and in private courses with a high degree of success in practitioner education. In addition, alpha bio has the largest school of dental implantology in Israel that trains many doctors every year.