Alpha Bio- Dental Master Software

MD Simulation specializes in creating software for medical simulation as well as building and creating 3D custom-made simulations for various purposes.

We work with doctors, dentists, and researchers in the domain of dentistry as well as dentistry schools.

We permanently consult doctors and dentistry professionals -
leaders in their field
At present we have developed the Expert Treatment Plan & Animation Ver. 5.0.
It is the most advanced combination of our Expert Treatment Plan Software together with our Animation Software, along with some improved and upgraded functions.
It enables to create a treatment plan simulation with its various functions, and simultaneously you can present on the same screen a large variety of related animations. These can demonstrate possible treatments (some 80 animations).
In addition you can display digital pictures and X-ray pictures from a large database (some 500 pictures). You can also run the various animations independently from the treatment plan.
We plan to release every 4 months a new CD with some 15-20 new animations.