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Web 3D:


Diversity of 3D Solutions through a variety of 3D Technologies:

HTC Touch Smartphone

Click on the image below to see an interactive model of the HTC Touch Smartphone (Java).

Click to see an Interactive 3d Model of the HTC Touch Smartphone


LG 8500 Chocolate, Telus Mobility

Telus LG 8500 Chocolate mobile phone in full 3D (Java) with a guide for a Micro SD Card insertion, and battery removal.

lg8500 Telus



Jeva Embroidered Eggs, (Guelph, ON): Goodwish Egg, Attitude, Gracefulness. (Java)

InfoKioskII, Industrial Equipment, (Belgrade, Serbia): Information Stand (Java)

Baran Advanced Technologies, Industrial Technology (Omer, Israel): 3D Product (Java)

Kamada Ltd., Pharmaceutics, (Beit Kama, Israel): Protosol Medications Box (Java)




Ahim Um Apartment Visualization + 360 panoramas (Axel) Ahim Um, Construction Contractors, (Beer-Sheva, Israel): Apartment Visualization + 360 panoramas (Axel)

Cassiopeia PDA (Axel) Casio Israel, Electronics (Rosh HaAyin, Israel): Cassiopeia PDA (Axel)

Rextron Novaview KNV104 by Galicom Ltd 3D ModelRextron (Taipei, Taiwan): Novaview KNV104 imp. to Israel by Galicom Ltd. (Ramat Gan, Israel) (Metastream)

Koffolk Ltd. Ramat Hovav Factory 3D Model (Metastream) Koffolk Ltd. Agriculture (Ramat Hovav, Israel): Factory 3D Model (Metastream)

3d Model of a Human Face (MTS)Mashovit Ltd., (Omer, Israel): 3d Model of a Human Face (Metastream)


3d Model of a Cellular Phone (VTA) Motorola (Tel-Aviv, Israel): 3d Model of a Cellular Phone (VTA)


3d Model of a Compaq Proliant 3000 Server (MTS) Mashovit Ltd., (Omer, Israel): 3d Model of a COMPAQ Proliant 3000 Server (Metastream)



Clients for Web 3D:

Pandatel (Hamburg, Germany), Yam Connections, Telrad Connegy (New York, NY), Baran Technologies (Israel), Waikato University (Waikato, NZ), Armon Adrichalim (Beer-Sheva, Israel), Mashovit, Koffolk (Petach Tiqva, Israel) Motorola (Tel-Aviv, Israel), Dental Master, Shtalim.com (Raanana, Israel), MTM Gages (Guelph, ON), Medex (Serbia), AlphaBio (Petach-Tiqva, Israel), and others...


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